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Sweet Dreams Tea

Sweet Dreams Tea

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Sweet Dreams Tea

A tea to bring you sweet dreams…

This tea is a whole vibe.  Not only will you fall asleep, but you will dream the most beautiful things.

Our testers claim they awaken feeling refreshed and peaceful, ready to take on the world with a calm mind.

What’s in this special tea?

Mugwort – The bringer of dreams with an uplifting anti-depressant action.

Passionflower – To reduce anxiety and calm the mind of any unpleasant thoughts.

Chamomile & Lavender  – To relax the body.

Rose Petals – Reduce anxiety and lift the spirit.

This fragrant and earthy tasting tea is specially blended to lift the heart and relax the mind and body in order to bring only the sweetest dreams.  Some people have found it to be a valuable tool in problem solving and connecting with the spirit world.

Pair it with a Sweet Dreams roll-on and you’ll be off to land of dreams in no time.

Size – 45 grams

Serving size – 2.5 grams per cup

Warning: Mugwort should not be used by pregnant people or people afab attempting to get pregnant.

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