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Calm and Awake Herbal Tea

Calm and Awake Herbal Tea

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Tired of coffee jitters?  This herbal blend will wake you up with calm focused energy to start your day or work on that all important project.

We've combined organic sourced Yerba Mate with the calm and focusing powers of organic sourced Tulsi, for a tasty and fragrant blend that will keep you calm and awake.

Yerba mate contains natural sourced caffeine and theobromine.  This gentle caffeine source doesn't give you the jitters like coffee or an energy drink.  Instead, it provides a balanced caffeine source.  

Tulsi is our favorite adaptogen.  It helps to calm and focus the mind.  Long term use can improve the immune system function and help the mind to concentrate better overall.  It also tastes amazing, with notes of basil and clove.

Flavor: Mild herbaceous with undernotes of cloves.

Color: Green

Serving Size: 2.5 g per cup

Product Size: 45 g

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