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Scent-free All Natural Deodorant

Scent-free All Natural Deodorant

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An all natural, scent free deodorant, crafted from an old herbalist recipe to kill the bacteria that causes body odor and keep you fresh all day.

Not only does this deodorant work to keep armpit odors at bay, it also works on stinky feet, groin sweat and more!

This deodorant cream works a little differently from the other deodorants you’ve tried in the past.  Apply to clean armpits before bed and when you wake up, wipe it off and enjoy a smell free day.  No need to apply every single day unless you want to.

The perfect deodorant for times when you are too busy for applying deodorant every single day.

Having an extra sweaty day?  You can use this as a daily deodorant as well.  Just apply to your underarms and go.

The secret ingredients are the arnica and calendula.  Together, they work to kill the bacteria that causes body odor and smells.

Size: 1 ounce


Ingredients: water, calendula, almond oil infused with arnica montana, cetearyl alcohol and polysorbate 60, shea butter, cetyl alcohol, tristat eco, zinc oxide powder

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